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Image by Annie Spratt


Integrating Brand Strategy with Compelling Visuals




As a Creative Director specialising in interiors and lifestyle brands, my goal is to enhance your brand's competitive edge and cultivate meaningful connections with your audience. I work closely with you to amplify your strengths, uncover what sets you apart, and develop a strong and cohesive brand presence across different channels while staying true to your brand values.

The essence of captivating and unique photography lies in its ability to captivate your desired audience. With a comprehensive understanding of your business, it's narratives, and your target audience, along with my experience working across numerous brands, I can provide compelling visuals for any campaign.

In today's competitive landscape, a visually appealing brand is no longer sufficient. To truly stand out, you require a comprehensive strategy that sets your brand apart and aligns with your commercial objectives.

With my experience, I offer a distinct perspective and unwavering dedication to help you in crafting a brand identity that not only looks impressive but also delivers tangible commercial results.

Image by Annie Spratt


In order to build a successful brand you need to be both cohesive and unique in your style and approach. When working with me I will aim to amplify your strengths, and uncover what sets you apart, by crafting an inspiring vision and helping you execute it at every level. 


As a Creative Director, I will guide you in developing a strong and cohesive brand presence across various channels whilst staying true to your brand values.

By entrusting me with your Creative Direction, you will experience an immersive approach, where I devote myself to unlocking the full potential of your brand. Because of this, I select a limited number of projects each year, choosing to collaborate only with brands where my impact can truly be transformative.


If you believe that your project aligns with my philosophy, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Before my journey as a freelance creative director, I had the privilege of working as a stylist at Sanderson Design Group where I worked across the esteemed brands  Zoffany, Sanderson, Morris & Co, Harlequin, Scion, and Anthology.


This invaluable experience has not only honed my keen eye for color and design but also enhanced my exceptional project management skills. Combining my first-class degree in Fine Art with my professional background, I possess the expertise to create remarkable imagery that complements any campaign.


The opportunity to work in-house across multiple labels enabled me to adapt my visual language to suit the unique requirements of each project and align with the brand's identity.

If you are looking to enhance your brand with captivating imagery then I would love to help.

Image by Annie Spratt


Driving traffic and converting sales is a top priority for any business. My experience allows me to leverage your visual content to achieve these goals. I understand that a strong brand identity is crucial for standing out in today's competitive market. That's why I offer personalised services to help you clarify your brand vision, develop a strong brand identity across social platforms, and drive traffic and sales through compelling visual content. By aligning your visual aesthetics with your brand values, I can help you create a cohesive and compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience. 


I am realistic about what can be achieved within our sessions, but rest assured, every session is packed with immense value and focused attention. I believe it is possible to achieve powerful results within manageable timeframes and so I offer a flexible approach to my consultancy starting with a single one hour consultation.


I would  recommend tackling one big question at a time to ensure maximum impact. Whether it's your website, social media profiles, or marketing materials, I provide the strategic and visual direction to ensure your brand is instantly recognisable and resonates with your audience, no matter where they encounter it.

Sanderson_Paint_March18_13_Kitchen_Cameo_White Willow_edited.png


I help breathe life into your brand and brand campaigns through creative social media content. 


Just as a strong brand identity is vital, I understand the significance of compelling content. My personalised services are designed to help you clarify your content vision, develop impactful campaigns, and captivate your audience through imaginative content.


By aligning your content aesthetics with your brand values, I can assist you in constructing a coherent and captivating storyline across your social platforms. I utilise both my in-house creation as well as a team of social media marketing strategists, photographers, and artworkers to create captivating narratives and drive engagement.


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