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2021 Colour Trends

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We couldn’t possibly discuss colour trends without touching on Pantone’s Colour of the Year! Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, two shades that Pantone has named as its colours of the year for 2021. Pantone believes that this pairing of shades will help people "fortify themselves with energy, clarity and hope" in a world that's set to face increasing uncertainty.

Let's be clear - it’s impossible for Pantone to get it wrong. They set the standard and everyone follows. It’s therefore inevitable that we will see more of this pairing in 2021. Unfortunately, the colour pairing doesn't do it for me. Conjuring up images of factory signage and road paint. I love grey but it’s definitely been done and I can't see anyone being converted at this late stage. I am also struggling to see this colour pair filtering down into our mere mortals’ homes.

That being said, I did find this image of a bedroom in Pierre Yovanovitch's château that very nearly converted me.

Photo: JÉRÔME GALLAND - Pierre Yovanovitch's Château

Going Green

I think it’s much more likely that we will see a turn towards colours drawn from nature. Green being the biggest of them all. Through the pandemic many people have been leaning on their gardens and green spaces to help keep in good mental health. We have seen a new national appreciation for outside spaces and I believe this is something we will begin to see reflected within our homes. I predict that we will see people using green in a bolder, braver way in 2021.

Green Kitchen Marble Worktops
DeVol Kitchens
Green Paint Hallway
Little Green - Brunswick Green

Feeling Blue

Benjamin Moore chose Aegean Teal as its colour of the year and I am sold. They describe Aegean Teal as “an intriguing mid-tone that creates natural harmony”. It’s the perfect calming shade for those who are a little colour shy. Deep enough to add some character but calm enough that it’s not a scary addition. Fitting beautifully into both a traditional and contemporary home.

Teal Kitchen. Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal
Benjamin Moore

Things Are Warming Up

Warm neutrals continue to grow in popularity and I think in 2021 we will see many grey-centric homes begin to thaw out. Cold greys will make way for colours like Dulux's, Brave Ground. The great thing about this earthy tone is that Brave Ground is a color that can easily be combined with other hues.

Dulux Brave Ground Paint Colour

Continuing with a natural palette Little Greene is launching their new capsule collection ‘Stone’ in collaboration with National Trust. They perfectly describe their palette as a ‘versatile new palette of natural colours offering warmth, tranquillity, timelessness and harmony’ (more to come on this).

Little Green Stone Paint Collection
Little Greene

Another paint company expecting to see a lot of warm neutrals in 2021 is JOTUN, a Norwegian paint company. Their new collection named Rediscover is made up of 4 beautiful palettes. “In uncertain times, our homes become even more important,” says Lisbeth Larsen, Jotun’s global colour manager. “We want to feel safe and protected, and with colours we can create the nourishing atmosphere we need”.

Jotun Colour: 12127 Earthy Brown

What do you think of the color trends for 2021? Are you looking for something to brighten up your year or are you hoping for a cosier more relaxing feel?

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