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Adding Character to a New Build

New builds can be wonderful. Fully equipped utility rooms, energy efficiency, plugs in all the right places (I live in an older house and plugging my phone in at night is the bane of my life). They also offer you a perfect blank canvas. They can however occasionally feel a little soulless and often lack the character of an older house. So how can you add some personality to a new build?

Focal Point

The great thing with older houses is that they often come with lovely original features such as fireplaces; the downside is that you have to work your style around these. Take advantage of a new builds featureless rooms and create your own focal point. This way you have control of size, colour and lay out.

Avoid having your TV as a rooms focal point and instead think about features like floor to ceiling shelves, a gallery wall or a wood burner.

Fixtures & Fittings

The little things can make a huge difference to the feel of a house. Consider replacing the standard handles, switches and sockets that come readily supplied with your new house and instead opt for a more refined and unique look. For example you might not want to spend a fortune replacing a brand new bathroom but you could replace the taps for a whole new look.

Sanderson Paint. Photography Andy Gore. Styled Alice Margiotta


You don’t want your home to feel like it came straight out of a catalogue (or maybe you do?) so try and add at least one piece of unique or vintage furniture in each room. It doesn’t have to be big piece it could just be an interesting lamp or peice of art. Nothing screams 90’s showhome more than matching furniture sets so try and find pieces that sit together well but don’t necessarily match.

Port Issac Sanderson, Photography Andy Gore, Styling Alice Margiotta


Another guaranteed way to add some personality to the blank walls of a new build is panneling. Panneling can add texture to your walls and help create some much needed character.

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