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Autumnal Bedroom Looks

If you are anything like me this dull weather is making you want to bury in and hibernate. It’s that time of year when the mornings are suddenly much darker and colder. The temptation to snooze your alarm and snuggle down for ‘just five more minutes’ is getting harder to resist. Now I am not justifying being late for work however on the days you are able to indulge in a lie-in its important that its in the right environment.

So now is the right time to consider a bedroom makeover; whether that includes just adding an extra layer of blankets (see my post on the best winter blankets here) or a full room makeover here is a hefty dose of autumnal bedroom inspiration to get you thinking.

Woodland Wonder

Style Library Elysian Fabrics Styled by Fiona Hazelhurst. Photographed by Andy Gore

Nature inspired embroideries and prints like these are a quintessential part of the autumnal home and bring an element of cosiness and texture to your room. These earthy shades create a relaxing and cosy bedroom perfect for these dull, cold days.

Add Layers

Morris North Fabrics Styled by Jenny Wise. Photographed by Andy Gore

Nothing says comfort like a layered bed. Layers doesn't have to be just about blankets, cushions can help add to this cosy look. Try a more casual look like above.

Keep Calm

Sanderson Paint. Styled by Alice Margiotta. Photographed by Andy Gore

Often in the colder months our bedrooms become our retreats. In this case it is key to keep it a tranquil and relaxing environment. A primarily neutral bedroom like the above with shades of putty on the bed and slate adorning walls creates a calm backdrop to accentuate natural materials.

Feminine Florals

Sanderson Embleton Bay Fabrics Styled by Emma Coles. Photographed by Andy Gore

If this cold weather is making you miss the softer beauty of the English countryside then consider injecting a bit of nature back into your room. Like this Sanderson Embleton Bay wallpaper.

Go Big

Harlequin Zapara Fabrics Styled by Charlotte Bolsover. Photographed by Andy Gore

If you have the time and money for an all over autumnal make over why not consider a new bed. For the ultimate bedroom statement, go for a four-poster bed.

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