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Candles for a Cosy Christmas

If you haven't already been told by every old person you know, you might be completely unaware that the dark nights are drawing in. For me that means one thing. Candles. The only thing better than candles is the kind of candles that make people believe you actually live in a dewy forest.

Although I am a predominantly visual person; smell really triggers memories for me. For example the smell of liquorice instantly reminds me of being a child and licking the Marvis Amarelli tooth paste in my aunties house. Every time I step into Holland & Barrett I am immediately transported back to my aunties 90's bathroom. I think the smell of your home can change the feel as much as a wall colour can. That’s why I absolutely love scented candles and incense.

These are 5 candles I am loving this winter and where you can get them:

1. My favourite White Company candle is Seychelles however Winter definitely gives your house a spicier Christmassy aroma. I love the extra large candle with the triple wick although you may need to re-mortgage your house for this gorgeous candle.

2. The SKOG (Forest) Candle by Skandinavisk isn’t for everyone as it has quite a strong aroma but I love it. It’s a mix of pine forests and something warmer that I still haven’t put my finger on. The larger one burns for 50 hours so it will last for the whole Christmas period

3. P.F Candle Co’s NO.11 Amber and Moss delivers exactly what it promises, warm amber notes with a fresher forest moss scent. This is great all year round. Its also available at Osmology

4. Hobo Soy Oakwood & Tobacco will split opinion. I really like a more masculine smell and find sweet candles far too sickly. You will probably guess from the name that this falls into the masculine camp. It has a lovely smokey oakwood scent.

5. Evermore Grove Natural Candle - I love this candle because it reminds me of Sunday morning walks in the woods behind my parents house. It has that fresh rain kind of smell.

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