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Choosing The Right Size Rug For Your Space.

Rugs have the power to completely transform a space but selecting the right size rug is key to a successful and cohesive feel.

The Living Room

Before you buy a rug it's crucial that you measure your space correctly. Measure your seating area and aim to find a rug as big as this space. It might sound excessive but most of us have a habit of going too small when it comes to rugs. When you centre a small rug in a seating area you can actually make the space look much smaller and disjointed.

Aim to have all of the furniture in your seating area on the rug with at least six inches to spare on all sides. Its ok to just have two feet on the rug as long as you stay consistent with all of the furniture.

Studio Mcgee Living Room Rug
Photo: Studio McGee

The Dining Room A dining room rug splits opinion. I am very much in the 'love it' camp. If you are looking for a rug for your dining space I think it is really importnat to find one that will accommodate your entire dining set including when the chairs are pushed out. Anything smaller could mean your guests will end up on the wobble. I would always avoid seagrass/sisal type rugs in a dining space and aim to find a more forgiving or stain resistant fabric. Wool rugs are particularly forgiving, with easy-to-clean fibers that naturally repel liquids.

Photo: Shoppe Ambre Interiors

The Bedroom

Ideally you want your rug to be big enough to fit under your entire bed and nightstands, with at least a foot to spare on all sides. If this isn't right for your space or budget then place the rug lower. I would recommend starting just below your nightstands but so that the rug still ends beyond the foot of your bed. Another option is to use two runners on either side of the bed.

Photo: Jean-François Jaussaud / LuxProductions / ELLE Décoration

Some of my favourite designs - from left to right

Heals Ply Rug Yellow, The Rug Company Obi, Monologue Vietas, Riviere Hippolyta, Deirdre Dyson Looking Through, Layered Circular Wool Rug

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