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How to Emulate Kit Kemp's Style

Through her work, Kit Kemp has established herself as a leader in the interior design industry, and has inspired many others with her creativity and passion for design. Kit's approach to design is characterised by her use of bold colour, pattern, and texture, as well as her attention to detail and love of layering. Her designs often feature eclectic mix of vintage and modern pieces, and reflect her passion for art, textiles, and travel.

Here are some tips to emulate Kit Kemp's design style in your home:

Mix patterns: Kit Kemp is known for her bold use of patterns, so consider incorporating a mix of stripes, florals, and geometrics in your space. Mix and match different patterns to create an eclectic and layered look.

Use colour: Kit Kemp's spaces often feature bold and vibrant colours so, consider incorporating bold hues into your decor, either through furniture, textiles, or art.

Kit Kemp Bedroom

Incorporate handcrafted elements: Kit often incorporates handcrafted elements, such as woven textiles, into her designs. Consider incorporating handmade objects, such as pottery or textiles, to bring a personal touch to your space.

Blend textures: Mix different textures, such as velvet, linen, and wool, to create a layered and interesting space.

Kit Kemp Interiors Bedroom

Travel inspired: Kit Kemp is known for being inspired by her travels, so consider incorporating elements from your own travels into your space. Display objects or textiles from your travels, or create a gallery wall of photos from your trips.

Artful arrangements: Kit is known for her artful arrangements of furniture and accessories. Consider rearranging your furniture and accessories to create a more eclectic and interesting space.

Kit Kemp Hotel Design

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