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Ocean Drive: Weekend in Cornwall

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

So in hindsight an eight hour road trip in a campervan (with severe morning sickness) wasn’t our best idea to date. Was it worth it? I’m sure if you ask me in a few years when the harrowing memory of the sickness has dwindled then I’ll say yes it was worth every agonising mile.

We started our Saturday by eating fresh pastry’s in Falmouth's Stones Bakery. A bakery/café where arty types in rolled up jeans and shrunken fishermen beanies (that look like tiny woolly condoms) gathered to discuss art and presumably how to waste their inheritance.

After devouring our bodyweight in carby goodness we wandered down to Shady Lady to meet Josie. The wonderfully talented lady that tattooed Jacob. She manged to do this whilst simultaneously assuring me that my sickness would mean I had an easy labour. Joelle her colleague agreeing since she had horrendous morning sickness and had gone on to give birth to a 10 pound baby with no issues. It was a hilariously eye opening experience.

On Sunday we braved the twisty country lanes in the van down to the famous Porthcurno beach. We were lucky to find it nearly empty. It felt as if we had somehow transported to a small Greek island. The sun that had made a miraculous appearance turned the sea turquoise and it felt as if we had discovered a real hidden gem. A quick google search would reveal that this is not the case. Apparently our secret cove is one of Cornwall’s most beautiful and well known beaches.

We took a little walk/climb around to the next cove where we found the sweetest little water fall. The lack of people made it feel like we were on the set of the 2000’s The Beach (without Leo and all the murdering).

Nestled in the cliffs above Porthcurno is the world-famous outdoor Minack Theatre. We decided that since I was pregnant and Jacob had just had a limb tattooed that it would be best to go up the steepest and most dangerous route. Granted you get great views of the coastline when you take the cliff side steps but I would not recommend it for anyone with a small child or a brain.

Luckily when you reach the top there is a small café with spectacular views.

We had never ventured this far down south before and I couldn’t recommend it more. Great coast line walks and even better cream tea’s. What is there not to love!

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