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Preparing For Guests: Thoughtful tips to help this Christmas.

Hands up if you are hosting Christmas this year. It always sounds like such a lovely idea. Having all your family and friends together to celebrate the holidays. You dream of cosy, relaxing days by the fire and nice long walks under snow covered trees. Maybe I have watched too many M&S adverts? The reality is more, well Lidl. Fighting over the remote, drunken disagreements and then there’s always that one distant cousin you haven’t seen for years that your mum insists you invite and buy gifts for all their children. *eye roll* But there is one way to make this period more comfortable and bearable for everyone and that is preparation. Preparing and pre-empting the many needs of your guests will take the pressure off when you are busy. There is nothing more annoying than trying to search for a spare phone charger whilst single handily cooking for a small army. So here are a few things that will make your life easier and create that cosy M&S feel.

Extra Blankets & Pillows

Of course you are not only expected to cater to their every dietary requirement but somehow you have become the director of their internal thermometer as well. Leaving extra blankets in your guest bedroom will not only create a cosy feel but help your guests feel more comfortable. If possible it is worth leaving some extra pillows in the room. People can be very fussy about their pillows and as we all know there is nothing worse than a stiff neck after sleeping on a terrible pillow. I’m thinking specifically of a well known low end hotel when I say this. Ouch.

Sanderson Bedding Styled by Alice Margiotta Photographed by Andy Gore


There is nothing more frustrating than when you are visiting someone and there is no mirror in the room and you have to sneak around the house looking for something slightly reflective to do your eyeliner in. If you don’t have a mirror in the room it is worth leaving a hand mirror in there. It’s a really thoughtful touch which your guests are sure to appreciate.


Maybe its me but I really appreciate when I’m given two towels. Having long hair that requires a small village to maintain an extra towel really makes a difference. It also stops me creating tidal waves across the bathroom. So if you have them spare it is worth giving your guests two towels. Although it will create extra washing it will make your guests feel more at home.


If possible it is worth leaving an extra phone charger in your guest bedroom to save the search once you guests have arrived and your house is more full. If you are having several guests it might even be worth writing down your wifi password so you don’t have to keep repeating to people.

So lets finish this like all good Christmas dinners - with a plate full of cheese. Try not to stress the small things. Your guests happiness might sometimes feel like its your responsibility but its not. You can only do what you can do. So have a glass of mulled wine, take a deep breath and enjoy. Christmas is all about being with your family. Even if that family is slightly annoying.

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