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Sanderson Launch Fifty New Paint Colours

As you may have guessed based on my recent insagram feed that I have just done a shoot for Sanderson Paint. They have launched 50 new scrummy paint colours and I love every one of them! The 50 new shades have been designed to complement Sanderson’s newest collections. The brights are warm and rich and the neutrals are chalky. They sit beautifully together and they are going to make you want to paint your entire house. Don’t worry if you are in rented accommodation I have some ideas that will leave your walls intact in the next post.

Devon Green

I used Sanderson Home's Potting Room collection as inspiration for this kitchen. A collection based on farmer’s markets, wildflower gardens and the humble garden shed. Now dont get me wrong I love a sage kitchen as much as the next guy but I really think Devon Green gives this kitchen a fresher more modern take on the county look. I think we are going to start seeing lots of brighter greens in 2018/19

Newby Green

I was never a fan of the dark interior trend that seemed to take Instagram by storm (and won’t die) but I absolutely loved this dark tongue and groove bathroom. Although I don’t rate a fully black house (we get it already you're fighting mainstream magnolia). I really enjoyed creating this rich and moody bathroom. I combined this paint with Sanderson's Art of the Garden collection. Inspired from the Persian Gardens of 500BC to the Baroque Gardens of the 17th Century Art of the Garderns Pinery fabric sat beautifully with Newby Green.

Gull Grey

Gull Grey is a sophisticated and calming shade of grey. The warm undertones make it perfect for a bedroom. This beautiful high ceiling lent itself perfectly to taking a darker colour. The large windows and abundant light meant that this room could take a darker ceiling without feeling overbearing. People often neglect their ceiling and I hope this proves that it doesnt have to be a scary or bold choice but instead a legitimate fifth wall that deserves as much attention as the rest.

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