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Springing Into Life

The damp is lifting and the hot water bottles are being stored away here in the cottage and as the snowdrops are slowly being replaced by tulips in the garden I'm feeling the same urge for change inside the house. Spring is the perfect time for renewal and refreshment, and there are many ways to update your home and celebrate the new season.

Spring florals in living room

So, here are some ideas for a spring refresh:

1. Bring in fresh flowers: Fresh flowers bring colour and life into a room and are the most cost effective way to give your room a lift this spring.

2. Add pastel colors: Pastel colors are often associated with spring, and they can help refresh your décor. Consider adding pastel accents through throw pillows, curtains, or other textiles.

Bed with floral bedhead and scattered pastel cushions sits on a vintage rug in a cottage style bedroom
Morris & Co Photography Jon Arron Green Styling Alice Margiotta

3.Introduce new textiles: Swap out heavy winter fabrics for lighter, spring-like ones, such as cotton or linen.

4. Rearrange furniture: Rearranging furniture can make a space feel new and refreshed. Consider rearranging your furniture to create a new layout, and take advantage of spring weather to move furniture outdoors.

5. Create a spring-themed vignette: Create a small display on a coffee table, mantle, or shelf, using spring-themed objects.

Green floral console table with white lamp and fresh flowers sits below contemporary mirror.

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