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Top Storage Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Overfilling Shelves

It’s understandable that people feel the need to make use of every inch of storage space but sometimes this can be counterintuitive. It is easy to loose track of things when they are crammed on busy shelves. Consider using baskets or containers on one of your shelves and then give the other shelves some breathing space.

Not Being Accessible

In a bid to hide children’s toys and crafts we often find spaces that are not accessible. This means not only do children need help retrieving them but they also never put them back! To solve that problem, consider putting books and toys in low shelves that are accessible to little hands. Of course, if you have the budget and space you could always add a ladder to your built-in.


Not Rotating With The Season

Having heavy coats hanging in your wardrobe through-out the summer is not a good use of space. Try going through your wardrobe every couple of months and removing out-of-season items. If you don’t have space for these items elsewhere try rearranging them so that the most worn pieces are easily accessible.

One Size Fits All

Another big mistake is relying on one size of storage. Not everything you own is the same size, so your storage containers shouldn't be either. Instead, use a mix of sizes and types of storage. It's also important to consider where they will be stored as this will dictate what type of storage you need. For example you will want hard storage with lids if you intent to stack them whereas you may want to consider light baskets with handles for linen storage.


Not Making The Most Of Small Spaces

Often people make the mistake of not utilising small rooms for storage. For tighter spaces, choose furniture that doubles up as storage. Storage-packed ottomans are ideal for this.

Sims Hilditch

Not Taking Advantage of Height

Many people don’t capitalise on overhead space. Take advantage of the area above eye-level for storage. It's probably best to store things that are used infrequently here as this space may be harder to access.

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