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Top Trends for 2020

What does the new decade have in store for us? 2020 trends seem to centre around comfort, wellbeing and unsurprisingly sustainability. With a real focus on using design to create warm intimate spaces that act as a refuge away from the cold light of touchscreens. So what is 2020 going to look like...


As predicted by trend forecasters WGSN, and selected as colour of the year by Dulux, neo mint is set to be the colour of spring/summer 2020. “Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that harmonises science and technology with nature.” In juxtaposition to this fresh colour Terracotta and other earthy, clay-like tones are seemingly set to be big in 2020. Brighter yellows make way for warmer, richer ochre tones which will remain big for children’s interiors.

Intimate spaces 

Open plan design will be traded for more intimate spaces. There is a big drive towards bringing people together in a world where people are feeling increasingly isolated. We will, therefore, be seeing lots of interesting ways to divide rooms. 

Vienna Straw

This classic pattern for woven furniture is not going anywhere and continues to be a strong trend for 2020. We are likely to see a lot of black Vienna straw like these Colony Armchairs by Skirvo Design

Patterned Carpets 

Carpets are no longer an afterthought and 2020 is going to see a huge rise in bright and bold carpets and not just on the floors. 

Cristina Celestino Milan Design Week 2019

Deep Pile 

In 2020 we are likely to see deep-pile textiles continue with heavyweight wools, mohair and sheepskin being used year-round. It’s not just indoors we are looking for this comfort. Pierre Frey’s Natecru collection features fleece-feel fabrics in acrylic dralon for a cosy feel outdoors.

Natecru In/Outdoor Collection

Textured Walls

Textured walls are hard to miss at the moment and they are going to become even more popular as we go further into 2020. From textured wallpapers to carpeted walls - plain is out.

Moooi. Photography Aida Sniraite, Authentic Interior

Linear Lighting 

It might be that they are more energy-friendly or it might be the aesthetics but LED tubular lighting is on the rise. From surface mounted lights to suspended tubular lighting features like the below Studiopepe lights they are predicted to grow even more in popularity as the year goes on.

Sustainable Interiors

There is a continued desire to create more sustainable interiors. With many designers exploring the relationship with design and plastic waste. Although - it has been suggested that we stop seeing this as a trend and instead view it as a new expectation. A drive-in demand from a more conscious consumer looks to be a driving force for this new "trend".

What are you looking forward to seeing more of in 2020?

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