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Buying With Design Longevity In Mind

Updated: Feb 14

Since moving to the cottage, my approach to design has undergone a significant transformation. I knew our old house wasn’t the ‘forever-home’, so my purchases reflected that mentality and were more heavily focused on trends. Now, however, I choose to prioritise lasting appeal and durability i.e will it withstand a battering from two unruly toddlers?

I really need all big ticket items to be timeless, versatile, and functional. So, if like me you are on a limited budget and/or have small people with a strong desire to destroy all of your belongings then here are my top tips for buying with design longevity in mind:

Classic rattan chair with blue William Morris curtains hanging behind.
Morris and Co Photography Jon Aaron Green Styled Alice Margiotta

1. Quality materials: High-quality materials, such as solid wood, stone, and metal, are more durable and can last for many years. Prioritise buying items made from durable materials.

2.Timeless design: Choose a design that is classic and timeless, rather than trendy. This will help ensure that your investment will have lasting appeal and will be able to follow you too another property. If you are keen to keep up with trends then choose to reflect this in smaller pieces and accessories like cushions and vases.

3.Functionality: Think about the intended purpose of the item and whether it will meet your needs in terms of functionality. It might look great but if it is not fulfilling its purpose its time to reconsider.

4.Brand reputation: Consider the reputation of the manufacturer or designer, and look for reviews or recommendations from trusted sources.

5. Price: Be wary of products that are significantly cheaper than similar items, as they are likely to be of much lower quality. It’s a false economy as you are likely to have to replace it sooner or spend money getting it repaired.

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