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Why William Morris is Still So Relevant

William Morris, the British designer and founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, is still beloved today for his unique and imaginative designs. He believed in a return to traditional craftsmanship and rejected the mass-produced, machine-made goods that dominated the Victorian era.

His designs were often inspired by nature and incorporated intricate patterns, rich colours, and bold imagery. Morris was a true original, and his anti-minimalist approach to design continues to captivate and inspire people over a century later.

Morris & Co Living Room Wallpaper
Credit Morris & Co

He believed in creating beautiful, well-made objects that people could use and enjoy every day, and his designs are a testament to that philosophy. Morris's work continues to be relevant and beloved because of its timeless beauty, its emphasis on craftsmanship, and its rejection of the uniformity and mass production of the industrial era.

Morris & Co William Morris Wallpaper
Morris & Co Photography Jon Arron Green Styling Alice Margiotta

Morris's work continues to be so popular not only because his designs embody this timeless aesthetic but also because they reflect the values and ideals that are important to so many today.

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